Lottery jackpots

The lottery can be said to be a form of gambling that involves picking or drawing up of number(s) for prize compensations. The legitimacy of the lottery cannot be said to be legal or illegal as some countries are outrightly against such schemes while others legalised and endorsed it. It is noteworthy to mention that it is being monitored/regulated by government bodies of those countries that allow it.
Lotteries and casinos gained more limelight as the governments of countries see it as a medium to raise revenue without putting more tax burdens on their citizen.
International lotteries can come in many formats like cash prizes or goods.

Types of lottery

More often than not new types of lotteries are springing up daily from time to time. But the major types of lotto include Lotto, Dailies, Instant Games, Little Lotto, and Multi-State Games.
1. Lotto: In Lotto Games, six (6) possible numbers are drawn from an array of numbers. The amount placed on this Lotto might be as little as one dollar $1
2. The Dailies Lotto: The Dailies Lotto is the type of Lotto that can be played every day. In some cases, it can be played twice a day.
3. The Instant Games Lottery: In the Instant Game Lottery “Scratch off” are employed. It is a game that the player only needs to choose and just scratch to know his/her outcome. No picking of numbers, no waiting!
4. The Little Lottos: The Little Lottos are known to have better odds than the conventional Lottos. It is done by picking five (5) possible numbers from different numbers.
5. Multi-State Game: States with small populations are merged with one another or with a bigger state in other to create bigger jackpots such as the Megamillions lottery jackpot.

Possible ways to pick numbers and win

1. Picking popular numbers: Popular numbers is the picking of numbers that appears most of the time than the others.
2. Making use of friends and family birthdays.
3. Picking scarce numbers: Picking scarce numbers is picking numbers that have not been coming up for a while.
4. The famous lucky numbers: The lucky number is more of an individual’s intuition to be drawn to numbers.
5. Winning number: One's chances can be increased by picking numbers that have constantly been winning for a while.
6. Picking best performing tickets
7. Apply Science: One can make use of software to predict the winning numbers. Although, it is not guaranteed.
8. The Random selection: This is the best approach of all, the game is a prediction and can only be won by good prediction tactics